An Epic Adventure in Shot Fish Games Provider Lsm99

There are a lot of games you can find in the gambling platform, and among the most epic and the most entertaining is the shot fish games. As the name suggests, the game is all about fish shooting and the score accumulation, and whoever has successfully accumulated the highest number of a score in the game, they become the winner.

As the game is actually an arcade game, it means that the way it played is actually very different and unique, and henceforth, it is very entertaining to be played. The rules of the game is actually a bit simple, as you just need to shoot the fish as soon as possible, and as many as you can.

You will be equipped with a limited amount of bullets in the game, and thus the number of fish you can actually kill is also very limited. When you are about to shoot a certain of fish in the shot fish, you need to consider a lot of things, such as the speed of the weapon, the hp of the fish, and other opponents as well, as they can steal your kill and get the score.

The Strategy on Playing Shot fish

Playing the game is very simple but yet thrilling, as you and the other player will try to win and thus will do anything to accumulate the most score. There are two ways of getting a score in the game, which is to kill the fish on your own and to steal the kill that the opponents have been aiming.

The conventional method in the shot fish to gain score is to kill your own fish, but you need to have better timing and accuracy, as the fish is constantly on the move, and if you are slow, then your target will be killed by someone else.

That is why timing is important, and the more precise your timing is, the better as you can kill more fish and get a bigger score. You need to shoot the fish in a consecutive manner and without stopping since it will reduce the chance of your opponent to kill your target.

The same is also applied when you are about to kill steal, as you need to immediately intervene when a certain hp number has been reached by any fish in the shot fish.

Target of Shooting in The Games

The main target for you to kill is the fishes, and the fishes have three kinds of types, which is the small, medium and large. Each one of them has their own hp and durability, and obviously the bigger the fishes, the more score they yield.

The strategy in taking out each fish are actually different, but the main difference is the bullet you are going to need when you need to take out a bigger fish. The bigger they are, the more durable the fish, and the more bullet you are going to need when you want to kill that fish in the shot fish game.

But it is not just the fish that becomes your target in the shot fish game, as there are so many other creatures that can give you a certain score. There are the crabs, the snails and so on, and it is very recommended to kill the crab since they can give you a bonus score.

Always keep an eye on the crab, as they are rarely available, and once they arrived, all player will try to kill them. Therefore, you need to be the first one to kill the crab to gain the bonus score to give you some edge in the game.

How To Join The Shot Fish Arcade Games

Joining the arcade games shot fish is not very hard, and all you need is some internet connection and a device be it the smartphone or the laptop. First of all, you can access several platforms such as the lsm99 as this platform offer a very good shot fish games, and thus you can join the platform.

Once you have joined the platform, then you will be able to access their entire games, not just the fish shooting arcade, but all of them, lsm99 is well-known for the variety of games they are offering, and thus you can use them to gamble on the internet. First of all, you need to access their site, and then open the registration page.

Inside the page, you can see the form that you need to fill, and then immediately fill them using the email address and the bank account.  Both of them are very important for every gambler, and therefore you need to have them if you want to play the games on the internet.

After you have filled out the form, then you can start submitting your form and you can go to the next process, which is the account verification.

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The Next Step To Register to the shot fish Game

The next step you need to take to register yourself to the shot fish platform is to verify your account, and this is also very important as the account will not be able to be used is the account itself is not activated.

The account activation is very simple, as the only thing you need to do is to access the email and, then you can search out for the email sent by the platform. Inside the mail, you will find the activation link, which you will need to click to activate your email.

After you have clicked your link, then you will be redirected to the main page of the gambling sites, and then you need to log in using the id and password you have made earlier. After logging in, then you can find a lot of games that you can access, and your account verification is already completed.

But you need to deposit your account or otherwise it won’t be activated and you can’t use them to play the game. You need to transfer the money to the bank appointed by the platform, and then you can start playing the shot fish after you have deposited your account.